Turn Printing Costs into a Revenue Stream

Big printers need big ideas. Printing and billing requirements are different for companies that use large format printers. Extensive integration with both small MFPs and large format equipment, Argos is the complete print management and cost recovery solution for companies with complex printing environments.

Track Everything


If it prints, Argos tracks it. But the tracking doesn't stop there. Argos centralizes data from multiple devices so you can report, bill and analyze what happens all over your network.


Argos tracks every print, copy, scan or fax from your printers, plotters and copiers. For most companies, printing is an obvious and visible place to start tracking and lowering expenses. Argos makes it easy to get started with print monitoring technologies to capture nearly any print job, regardless of how it was made.


Install and Go


Install Argos tracking on your print servers and immediately watch the statistics. Thousands of customers around the world rely on Argos to capture every detail, the who, when, what, and how much. Knowing is half the battle and Argos shows your costs with ease and clarity.


Thanks to partnerships with leading printer manufacturers like Canon, Xerox, Konica, Minolta, Sharp, Toshiba, and many others, Argos tracks everything that happens on a printer.

Complete Compatibility


Automatic color and B&W detection. Works with any Mac or Windows OS. Automatic printer detection and setup. Just install the Argos Print Tracking Agent on each of your print servers, and Argos immediately starts tracking every print job that passes through the print server.


OnBoard Print monitoring for walk-up jobs to copy, scan, scan-to-email, where we install directly onto your compatible multi-function printers (small and large format) to provide the most accurate possible tracking of everything.


By the time you return to your desktop, there's a user-friendly dialog box just asking for a valid project to bill to. Easy.

Simple Desktop Client For Easy Billing


Billing clients for print and copy expenses shouldn't have to be a pain. With Argos, it doesn't have to be. The Argos Desktop Client gives your employees a simple and intuitive way to make sure every print, copy, scan, or fax is tracked to the right project, client/matter or department.


The Desktop Client stays out of the way, and lets your users get their work done, but ensures that they bill accurately and timely, so you don’t have to sacrifice productivity for accurate client invoicing.


Super-easy client code search, by name or by number. Recent client codes are automatically saved for you. Client codes can be displayed by name or number.

Round Trip Accounting


Argos integrates with hundreds of accounting packages to make sure your employees have an accurate list of billing codes every time they print, and that the data can be put right back on an invoice and sent out for billing.


With Argos' round-trip accounting integration, you add a project code or new client to your accounting package and it's available to your users immediately to bill.


Argos works with Oracle, Deltek Vision, Ajera, BST, SAP, Clearview InFocus, LexisNexis and hundreds of other systems.

Powerful Reporting


Argos provides crystal clear reporting so you can sort, detail and summarize anything your environment produces. What good is collecting all this information if you can’t use it effectively? Argos ships with over 20 ready to use reports that sort, detail and summarize your print, copy, scan, and fax activity however you want to see it.

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